Sunday, January 17, 2010

Yokai Doctor 1 by Yuki Sato

Kotoko's grandfather was a famous exorcist of yokai, mysterious, troublemaking spirits and demons. Because of her relation to him, her school friends think she can exorcise them, too, but she can only see them. Kotoko gets in some trouble with the yokai in her area when she tries to exorcise one and is save by her weird classmate, Kuro, a yokai doctor. Kotoko is about to have her beliefs and perspectives changed.

This was one of the most original manga I have ever read because of the fact that the yokai are not portrayed as the evil point of the story. The mangaka, author, tries to show that not all things that are perceived as evil are bad. The drawings were amazingly lifelike and certainly grabbed my attention in some scenes. The action scenes really showed the movement of the characters and their expressions were easily recognisable. There was only one downfall to the entire manga; the same story was told twice in the same book. I think that the first two chapters were the original magazine release of the manga and then the mangaka followed up with a remake of those chapters for the series. Overall, a must read manga.

There are scenes that show sex related.

Reviewer Age:16
Reviewer City, State and Country: Shippensburg, USA