Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Conspiracy 365 by Gabrielle Lord

On December 31st, fifteen year old Callum Ormond heard his name being called by a stranger he didn't even know. Before he could run away he shouts out to him "They killed your father. They're killing me! You must go into hiding until December 31st next year." After hearing those devastating words, he must uncover the mysterious history of his family and do so by using the few clues his father left behind. Now being framed for a crime he didn't commit, Callum is the most wanted fugitive and not just by the authorities. While Callum races against time to uncover the secret, he must also be aware of the people who are willing to get to him by any means necessary. Will Callum uncover the dark secret which his father died over? Will he even survive the next 365 days?

Wow.. that's all I pretty much have to say about this book! It got directly to the point at the beginning, and it started picking up pace immediately. It sort of reminded me of a Bourne Identity, but the story is totally different. It was definitely a quick read because it only took me a couple of hours to read, but it sure keeps you on the edge of your seat. I definitely think this book is a best seller series in the making, and anyone who likes books with tons of action and a mysterious twist to it will really enjoy Conspiracy 365. I would recommend this for ages 12 and up

Reviewer Age:14
Reviewer City, State and Country: Ruidoso, New Mexico USA