Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Episodes: My Life in Syndication by Blaze Ginsberg

Blaze Ginsberg is a high functioning autistic teenager. In his book, Episodes: My Life in Syndication, he lets you into his world of celebrity crushes, Thanksgiving dinners, freshman through senior year of high school and his many trios of friends. The book is set up like T.V. episodes, giving you the cast, a summary of the "episode", air date, soundtrack listings and much more. Episodes starts off at Blazes freshman year at a new school for autistic kids. Throughout the book, Blaze travels to games with the schools sports teams, crushes on Hilary Duff and Sara Paxton, attends Vista View College, works at a grocery store and much more.

I thought the book was a little boring. The idea of it is interesting, but the plot does not have a hook that brings you in and makes you wonder what will happen next. While I was reading this, I thought it needed more to keep the readers attention. Through each "series" (chapter) Blaze tells you about his days and what happens. I found that it was dull and boring. I wouldn't recommend this to others if they want a book with action or an exciting plot.

Reviewer Age:14
Reviewer City, State and Country: Finksburg, MD USA