Sunday, May 22, 2005

SOUTH BEACH by Aimee Freidman

Aimee Freidman’s book South Beach is a story of two high school girls partying in South Beach, Florida for spring break. Friedman capture’s the two girl’s lives beautifully, bringing spring break in South Beach, Florida to life.

Holly and Alexa are on the trip of a lifetime for two high school juniors. The only problem is they’re not really friends. They run with different crowds while they’re in school but through chance they end up going on a spring break vacation together. Alexa’s a party girl, ready for anything South Beach has to offer while Holly’s shy and sheltered, not really sure if she’s up for drinking and partying like Alex wants. Though they are supposed to stay with Holly’s grandmother all involved agree that would be a little crowded and Granny sets them up in a hotel right on the strip, covering for them with Holly’s overprotective parents. They end up at a “party hotel” surrounded by kids their age who are looking for fun and adventure.

The book follows them on their adventures through South Beach. Holly and Alexa party at clubs, sneak into classy hotels, fight with each other and fall in love. And all in the course of a week! The book is fast paced and fun, making readers either nostalgic or anxious for spring break. Due to mature content, this book is recommended for young adults ages 14 and up.


amy said...

u love south beach and the worst thing is im scared 2 finish it cause its so good. i was wondering if their was a series or very similar books like it.

Author said...

Hello! I am the author of South Beach, and the very kind people at this site contacted me and asked me to post some exciting information. Fans of my novel will be pleased to know that a juicy sequel will be in bookstores THIS December -- only a couple months away! It's called FRENCH KISS, so be sure to look out for it.
I also have another book for teens - not part of this series - coming out in December. It's called A NOVEL IDEA, and is a sweet and funny romance.
Happy reading to all,